Jennifer Roig-Francoli, Alexander Technique teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

For the SOUL...

AT is not a religious or spiritual path, but it can certainly be a wonderful and uplifting support for the soul. I am devoting this page to some items currently of interest to me that I view as indirectly related to the Alexander Technique. It is my hope that what follows may be inspiring to you!

"Vision without Action is a daydream
Action without Vision is a nightmare"
--Japanese proverb


Don't regret the past;
release your worries
about the future.

Don't think about yourself--
and stop trying not to!

Now's the time
to leave the shore--
the Ocean of Unity
is calling...

don't listen...
don't see...

don't say...
don't think...

don't be...


--Baba Afdal Kashani (Sufi), translation by Fideler


In the emptiness of my perpetual extinction

I am swelling
all of my cells

With intangible clearly directed Love
The Self one beauteous flowing

Traveling through me
back to the Source
out to Everything

I am drowning in a sea of Bliss
Ever endless without distinction


"Let the work be done of its own accord, without strain. Work without the feeling that it is you who are working. Take it as if it is God's work, done through you as His instrument. Then your mind will be at rest and peaceful. That is prayer and meditation."

--Anandamayi Ma