Jennifer Roig-Francoli, Alexander Technique teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

TESTIMONIALS (Contents: On Lessons; On Workshops)


"Jennifer's lessons are fresh and full of light."
--Ellen Bierhorst, Alexander Technique teacher and Psychologist

"I came to Jennifer for help in relieving pain and fatigue I was experiencing in my work as a professional violinist. Over the course of several sessions I noticed a new ease in playing as well as in every aspect of daily life, as if I had relearned how to use my body. I am now able to better listen to my body, and as long as I do, I can play pain-free. An interesting thing is that even when not taking lessons, my playing seems to be getting even easier with time.

Our sessions are enjoyable and enlightening. With warm humor and sensitivity, Jennifer is able to pinpoint the source of problems, and also to encourage me to unlock avenues of self-expression. She is incredibly gifted at coming up with just the right stuff at the right moment."
--Kiki Bussell, Concertmaster, Cincinnati Ballet

"Jennifer is a very pleasant person, always calm and focused. Her studio has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. During lessons I felt very comfortable with Jennifer's teaching, she shared good knowledge of the Technique and was always observing. After lessons I felt relaxed which had a positive effect on my neck pain. I need to go back to learn more."
--Roswitha Hoerder, Occupational Therapist

"Thanks so much for helping my daughter relax. She had me do the semi-supine technique and it was great. What you have done with this Alexander Technique is marvelous! Muchas gracias!"
--Maria Elena Cruz, M.D.

"I highly recommend Jennifer Roig-Francoli to anyone interested in the Alexander Technique. She is caring, intelligent and insightful, and she's always positive and encouraging. I've had Alexander experiences in the past that have left me feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, but that's not the case with Jennifer. She gives me just enough information each time and her "hands on" approach leaves a strong impression on me. I am finally optimistic about learning to use my body in a new and better way."
--Rebecca Kruger Fryxell, Violinist in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

"I met Jennifer through yoga and experienced her as gentle, kind and open. I only knew of the AT technique, not much about it, but have done many kinds of movement/bodywork throughout my life including yoga, tai chi, running, bicycling, pilates, weight training, Feldenkreis, Rubenfeld-Synergy, and many types of massage all of which I have enjoyed and learned from. What I learned from Jennifer, who is definitely on her way to becoming a great teacher, is the concept of 'less is more' in terms of muscular use/tension which was kind of a revelation and very challenging to me."
--Ann Segal, photographer and Yoga teacher

"Alexander Technique is simple yet hard to describe because it is experiential. Jennifer has a gentleness and presence that guides the student towards new patterns of movement. This underutilized method for teaching new patterns in walking, standing, and sitting teaches students awareness that can extend to other areas of their life. Jennifer is skilled with observing individual movements and helping the student understand them. It is a pleasure to take lessons from her!"
--Sharon Kowatch, MSN, CNP, Nurse Practitioner

"He practicado lo que me enseñaste para relajar la zona cervical y es muy agradable cuando consigo tener la sensación de que mi cabeza está separada de las vertebras...lo que está claro es que toda la tensión se elimina y esto en mi caso es muy bueno."
--Pilar Roig, Business Manager, Mallorca, Spain


"Last month string players at Duke University were fortunate to experience an introduction to the Alexander Technique as part of the Music Department's Master-class series...The class was something of a revelation to me, both as a teacher and as a violinist. Jennifer worked with 6 violinists, mostly my students, for about 15 minutes each. During that brief amount of time she was able to diagnose and begin to help correct technical issues more effectively than I had been able to do with many of them over the past 2 years. It was both humbling and inspiring to me as a teacher to see my students unlocking areas of their potential that had remained blocked for so long. I was also quite inspired as a performer because I was able to incorporate some of the principals into my playing and I immediately felt new resources of expression and power as a violinist."
--Eric Pritchard, Duke University Professor and Violinist for the Ciompi Quartet

"...a great class. I can't believe how much impact you had on all those kids. It changed their world."
--Mark Ostoich, Professor of Oboe, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)

"Ms. Roig-Francoli brought a bright new dimension to my bassoon master class sessions at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She addressed in great detail the problems of performance anxiety, pain and stress. But most extraordinarily valuable to me was her perception concerning posture as related to many of the world's 'Bassoon Playing' concepts, a field too often subject to individual opinion or to unprovable theories."
--William Winstead, Professor of Bassoon, CCM, and Principal Bassoon, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

"I know that even the mere exposure to this way of thinking will help us become more aware of the way we use our bodies while we play our instruments. Even after your single demonstration, you have helped us to learn how to discover what we have been doing inefficiently with our bodies, and begin to make the steps toward more effective posture use."
--Lauren Piccirillo, Masters of Music student at CCM